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How to Reduce Risks

Trading forex can be a lucrative career if well executed. Towards being a successful trader, one should look at ways of mitigating risks. Besides risk management, a trader should always use a reputable forex broker like AltumFx.

What is the Hanging Man Formation?

In technical analysis, a Hanging Man forms when a bar with a small body, little or no upper wick, and a long lower tick forms. For a valid 'Hanging Man' to print, the lower wick should be at least twice the size of the body.

How to Develop a Passion for Trading

Forex is dynamic, and its market and trader depth is impressive. Despite various opportunities, an unrefined trader can develop an unhealthy addictive liking for the market, leading to bankruptcy or worse. To avert this, a trader ought to gradually develop a harmonious relationship with the market.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Traders have different ways of interpreting the market. On one end, some technical analysts believe the Forex markets are efficient, and every other factor moving prices are represented on the price chart.

Best Tips for Trading USDJPY

The USD/JPY is one of the most liquid and popular pairs, commanding billions in trading volumes at every trading block. This could be by their well-established economies.

What is Tick Volumes?

Price action traders depend on candlestick formation and trading volumes to determine whether they can initiate longs or shorts. Volumes are needed for the markets to move. However, not all volumes are required by traders.

Trading Volumes to Grow at an Average CAGR of 7.5 Percent

Five years ago, the average global FX trading volume stood at $5.1 trillion. By the end of 2019, this had risen to $6.6 trillion-- a $1.5 trillion increment in daily trading volumes in less than three years.

Tips for Trading the GBPUSD

The U.K. and the U.S. are some of the world's oldest economies. As such, their respective currencies are heavily traded. After the EUR/USD and USD/JPY, GBP/USD or the Cable ranks as the third most traded pair.

Tips for Trading the EURUSD

Forex might be the most liquid market. However, a significant percentage is around the Euro and USD. They are the world reserve currencies explaining their lion share. For traders looking for a mix of stability and volatility, the EUR/USD or 'Fiber' can offer many lucrative trading opportunities with comparatively low risks.

Top Tips of Risk Management

In an efficient market, the price represents every other technical or market factor in play at that point in time. Accordingly, it can be tough to consistently predict the next price move. Even a thoroughly back-tested strategy always has flaws.

Top Tips for Position Traders

Forex traders are broadly categorized into day, swing, and position traders. The latter primarily depend on fundamentals— news events listed on AltumFX economic calendar—to enter and exit positions. A little bit of technical analysis also comes in handy.

Top Tips when Trading Commodities

Commodities are traded as contracts in the traditional financial system and are cash-settled. That means, win or loss, payment will be in cash, not barrels of oil or vessels of LPG. Since commodities have real-world utilities, they draw high demand.

Stocks for Beginner Traders

Unlike FX and cryptocurrencies, purchasing stocks via regulated bourses mean acquiring a share of the company. For beginners, there could be various entries. However, it is best to start, stepping in on the stronger foot.

Tips when Depositing USDT Bitcoin and Crypto to a Forex Trading Account

Traders have more avenues to make money than they were 15 years ago. Forex might be the most liquid globally, but the integration of crypto is an added benefit for traders. AltumFX supports various cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, and USDT.

Top Tips for Trading Gold

Gold is a store of value, a precious metal held by central banks across the globe as reserves. It serves various roles, including stabilizing a country's F.X. rates. The yellow metal is available for trading at AltumFX.

What is an Expert Advisor in Trading?

In forex trading, an expert advisor is software for automating trading based on a set of conditions. These conditions are usually set from technical analysis. One or several technical indicators are used to pick out buy and sell signals.

Top Three Tips When Scalping

Forex traders are indeed different. Day traders enjoy the thrills that come with the daily bursts and dumps of prices. Since they are looking for action every day, only looking to get in and out of the market quickly, only targeting small gains over time.

RBNZ Chief Economists say Lockdown and Delta Variant Not a Game Changer

Last week, the RBNZ, New Zealand's central bank, kept rates unchanged. The monetary policy rate announcement coincided with the country's announcement of a national wide lockdown to contain the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Three Popular Forex Trading Styles to Choose From

Forex trading is like any other business, requiring traders to be strategic. While different indicators can be adopted for entry, the trader would ultimately fall into any one of these three main categories.

What makes Apple Stock Valuable?

The AAPL stock CFD is available for trading at AltumFX—as one of the few hand-picked assets from the NYSE. But what makes the stock so valuable and attractive to traders across the globe?

How to use the Average True Range Indicator in Forex Trading

To effectively use the Average True Range (ATR) in technical analysis of Forex pairs is first to know what the indicator does. The ATR is, above all, a volatility indicator.

How to use the On-Balance-Volume in Forex Trading

Price action is the ideal indicator in an efficient market, so says chartists. The problem is, not everyone has the experience to capture signals without technical indicators derived from drivers of price action.

How to use the Stochastic Indicator in Forex Trading

The MT5 trading platform offers over 60 technical indicators. Out of this, there is the stochastic indicator. For beginners, it is an oscillator meaning it swings within a 0-100 range, printing out in the secondary chart.

How to use the MACD Indicator in Forex Trading

MACD is an acronym for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is one of the most popular technical indicators used by chartists. Over and above everything, the MACD is based on moving averages.

What is the Producer Price Index in Forex Trading?

The pricing of forex pairs is dynamic, influenced chiefly by fundamental events of the base or quote currency's country. Fundamental traders always keep track of the Producer Price Index.

The FED Might Take Months before Tapering Monthly Bond Purchases

Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Thomas Barkin, on August 11, said how fast the FED tapers their $120 billion monthly bond purchases depending on how quickly the job market recovers.

What is Energy Information Administration Crude Oil Stocks Change Indicator in Forex Trading?

Crude oil is undoubtedly one of the most useful energy sources contributing up to a third of the globe's consumption. This commodity is also central to some of the world's core businesses, especially in transportations.

The Risk-Reward Ratio

It is also known as the R/R ratio. But what does it mean? For starters, the R/R measures the difference between the entry point to your stop loss and the take profit level.

What is the Best Way of Learning Forex Trading?

New forex traders looking at the sector may be wondering the best ways of getting started. Admittedly, there is no one way of perfecting skills. And as the old saying goes, only experience matters.

Important Tips for New Forex Traders

Before starting out in Forex trading, it is perhaps critical to be aware of the basics. Sticking to them may mean a solid foundation for a successful trading career. As you start, a new Forex trader should know the market inside out.

Dealing with Stresses

Forex is the world's liquid financial market moving trillions every day. However, since Forex is inherently risky, those trillions might now find your way into the account. If anything, you could be making losses—a source of your tribulation and stress.

Why Interest Rate Changes Affect FX Prices

There are several ways of trading Forex. Some traders prefer using technical analysis, believing markets are efficient. Therefore, every candlestick sums up all influencing factors up to that point of trading. Others prefer to trade news.

Why Beginner Forex Traders Should First use a Demo Account

There are risks when jumping from the deep end. Yes, while there is the apparent thrill and gush of adrenaline, there is also the risk of drowning. It works similarly in Forex. Learning the ropes is crucial as it prepares you for the tasks lying ahead.

Why Processing Times Vary for Crypto Deposits in AltumFx

Time is money but sometimes speed kills. In forex and trading in general, patience is a virtue. In crypto, patient traders are gurus in their given rights. Public ledgers like Bitcoin and Ethereum are self-auditing juggernauts, reliant on miners and the network state.

Gold Versus Silver Trading in Forex

Traders are usually split for choice when trading Forex. This can be seen for traders interested in precious metals—gold and silver. While both are available, traders traditionally gravitate towards gold. In their view, the yellow metal is more valuable considering the price difference between the two.

How to use the Moving Average Indicator in Forex Trading

Traders deploy several strategies to remain in green and refine their techniques. Of the many tools, moving averages stand out. As the name means, a moving average takes out the average of a given data set over a period. This is constantly updated, therefore smoothing out 'noise' helping a trader in several ways.

How to use Bollinger Bands in Forex Trading

Bollinger Bands (BB) is a popular technical analysis tool used by chartists. It is used for measuring volatility, interpreted by the expansion and contraction of the upper and lower bands, forming an envelope around the middle BB. As a volatility tool, traders can read the status of the market whenever BB contracts or expands.

How to remove Market Noise when Trading

Trading is an art, not a scientific, methodological process. Sometimes, everything might not pan out as expected, and this is where a trader has to adjust in light of shifting conditions. A big part of this is cutting off the "noise" that may distract a trader. A day trader needs to choose a time frame that suits their profiles. One way of doing this is to select the correct trading time frame.

The Four Demons in Trading

A big part of being a successful trader is managing one's emotions. This cannot be reiterated enough. Emotions, in turn, directly influence risk profile and subsequent categorization. Indeed, not all traders are the same. Some are more susceptible than others and won't better handle the four demons of trading.

What to do Before Becoming a Full-Time Trader

Trading is not a science. It's more of art, requiring flexibility, especially in reading charts and responding to fluid fundamentals. To be an effective trader means being disciplined—following a laid down plan/strategy. As such, being a full-time trader is even more demanding. Before penning your resignation letter, ensure that you are realistic and honest with yourself.

Learning from Forex Losses

Only frauds will lie to their gullible followers that they have never posted losses while trading Forex. No Forex trading strategy is 100 percent profitable, and losses are bound to be made from time to time, regardless of the risk management system in place.

What Drives the Swiss Franc?

To be clear, the Swiss Franc is fiat—or paper money. It is therefore not backed by any gold. The issuer, the SNB—the Swiss central bank, is tasked with implementing suitable monetary policy to control the value of the CHF. The CHF and the SNB form a very critical part of the global economy. Its demand, therefore, directly affects CHF value.

Why Retail Sales Reading Moves the USD?

Several factors move the price of tradable assets. Fundamental factors play a significant role in trading currencies, explaining why traders often track the economic calendar. With COVID-19 in the picture and potential lockdown not out of the equation, economists track Retail Sales readings. This reading is compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau every month.

Benefits of Stock CFD Trading versus Stock Trading

Retail traders are often on a mission to identify the best opportunities and draw maximum benefits out of them. This is why AltumFX allows stock CFD trading. The difference here primarily lies in the fact that the trader doesn't have to own the underlying stock. This alone tags along with several more advantages.

Top 3 Interesting Facts about the DAX

Indices are a permanent fixture in trading. Top Forex brokers like AltumFX always avail them for their global clients. However, did you know that Frank Mella—a publisher—not an economist, is regarded as the founder of the DAX. The index highlights Germany's technical prowess and its economic strength.

What Factors move Gold Prices when Trading?

Gold is a standard store-of-value asset held by central banks as reserves. For its value, traders usually closely watch the movement of gold prices. The global gold market is estimated to be worth over $7 trillion. As a store-of-value asset, inflation is a big concern and moves the price of gold.

What Are FAANG Stocks?

FAANG is the acronym of some of the high-flying tech companies of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (Alphabet). Sometimes, trading stocks can be complicated. That's why many traders are opting for stock CFDs. There are several advantages of trading stock CFDs through AltumFX, for example.

Why Indices Diversify a Portfolio

Traders always want to be in the green, making money. Sometimes, their wishes may not be granted. It could be their fault, or the trading tides are just too rough. Besides religiously applying risk management for every position, a trader should diversify. In layman terms, trading can be disastrous if one puts all eggs in one basket.

What is to backtest a trading strategy in Forex?

Forex traders will always employ time-tested strategies. Before adoption, every indicator or expert advisor should be rigorously tested and fine-tuned. Traders can do this during back-testing, where a strategy is tested using historical data. It would not make sense to try a strategy using a forward-based approach. Backtesting using historical data would quickly help a trader identify flaws.

Security from Fake Forex Trading Apps

Traders can now open, place complex orders, and close their positions on the go. From the economic calendar, they access live news impacting positions. However, there is a concern about fake Forex trading apps. Instances of closes being marketed as real have resulted in the loss of funds and infringement for many traders. AltumFX uses the official MetaTrader 5 trading app on Google Store and iOS.

What are Live Trading Signals in Forex?

A trader can only be successful if they win more than they lose. A big part of this lies in how rigorous a trader identifies trading opportunities and the risk-management practices in place. These two are critical, a lifeline for ambitious traders. The problem is, sometimes experience plays a significant role as there is a wide gulf between new and veteran traders.

Why Traders prefer more options for depositing and withdrawing in Forex

Forex is a fast-moving market. Reflecting this state, therefore, it is not hard to see why traders expect Forex brokers to offer various deposit and withdrawal methods. Client-facing brokers would also go ahead, ensuring that depositing and withdrawing are more importantly without fees. If anything, processing of deposits should be instant, while traders shouldn't wait for too long whenever they request withdrawals.

What is a One-Cancels-Other Order in Forex Trading?

Forex traders deploy various strategies depending on their risk tolerance, trading styles, risk management practices, and more. Strategy is essential, and One-Cancels-Other Order (OCO) can be helpful. As the name suggests, an OCO order means its execution automatically cancels the other order. An OCO is a limit order that comes in handy in various trading situations.

Benefits of Good Customer Care Support in Forex Trading

At times, it can get dicey for traders. Frustrations can be from bad trades, unresponsive interfaces, but at other times, from poor customer care support. This, if anything, shouldn't be happening, especially in Forex trading, where money is involved. The bottom line is: Poor customer care experience would jeopardize the brand credibility of any broker.

Why Traders Need to Watch the Economic Calendar Constantly

Forex is a global market influenced by many factors. Since currencies are in the equation and international banks are actively pulling strings, savvy Forex traders should constantly keep track of economic data. Do you think employment conditions improved in June, and the USD is heading higher? Will the BoJ loosen, calling for more lax monetary policy amid the coronavirus caseload?

What is Instant Execution versus Market Execution in Forex Trading?

There are over 50 FX pairs to choose from. However, a reliable exchange like AltumFX only lists some of the most liquid. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY are examples. Not all exchanges boast of the same liquidity and could offer different types of limit orders but fail in execution.

Who is an Introducing Broker in Crypto and Forex Trading?

There are millions, if not hundreds of millions of traders, investors, and other market participants who populate the highly liquid forex markets. This explains why online financial markets, especially forex—and increasingly crypto, boast consistently high trading volumes.

What is an Islamic Account?

Forex is global, attracting different types of traders—a blend including various religions. To cater to Muslim traders' needs, most exchanges like AltumFX offer Islamic Accounts—which are halal. These are accounts compliant with Sharia laws, following principles guiding the Islamic way of finance.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Different traders deploy various strategies to increase their bottom lines. Some traders prefer to trade manually while others are comfortable with robots. These trading bots must always be operational as they enter and exit trades depending on generated trading signals. A VPS can be described more as a hosting service where a trader can run their MT5, accessing them from anywhere globally.

What is Base Currency in Forex?

Trading currencies involves swapping one for another. Typically, in Forex, trading is done in pairs, like EUR/USD, for instance. In the above pair example, the 'EUR' is the base currency. It denotes the value of the first currency when compared to the second currency.

What is a Lot?

In forex trading, traders purchase or sell units of currencies in amounts called lots. A lot is the number of currency units a trader is willing to buy or sell. They measure a transaction amount. Whenever a trader places an order in AltumFX, the order size will be quoted in lots.

What is the Bid-Ask Spread in Trading?

Trading involves tight margins. As such, it is important to know the spread of a trading pair. Understanding this is important because the spread is a factor of liquidity—the ease of converting from one currency to another. What, then, is the 'spread'? It is the difference between the ask (buying price) and the bid (selling price) of a currency pair.

How Brokers Fight Fraudsters

If it's money, there are always folks who want to acquire them in devious ways. There are perhaps millions of fraudsters and scammers out there, targeting both brokers and traders. If you are a trader, there are various ways of countering scammers—one is reporting these fraudulent schemes to the police. On the other hand, Forex Brokers have robust systems to squash fraudsters and bring them to book.

Why VIX is Helpful for Traders

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) VIX uses the S&P 500 Index to capture the expected volatility within the next 30 days. This, in turn, has a direct bearing on the trading community's view on the economy. VIX is also known as the 'fear index’. Volatility measures the rate of change of the underlying asset. In this case, it can be a stock, a commodity, or even an FX pair.

Everything you need to know about a countrys Forex Reserve

To get started, one should understand that Forex Reserves are assets—which may include gold, treasury bills, bonds, or more -- depending on the preference of the country's central bank. These assets are in foreign currencies—mainly the USD—but can include Euro, GBP, Yuan, and even the Yen. The USD is mostly used because it is used for trade.

What is a Floating Exchange Rate?

Jumping straight in, a floating exchange rate is a style where the currency of a sovereign nation is determined by market forces relative to other currencies. Accordingly, the government through the central bank is barred from 'intervening’. In this pure arrangement, the USD price, for example, would fluctuate relative to the Euro/GBP/ZAR—and others, depending on their respective level of demand and supply.

What is the role of the Bank of International Settlements in Forex Trading?

Forex is a melting pot of financial activities. There are central banks, global banks, government, hedge funds, traders, and the BIS. The BIS is the bank of central banks, the bankers' bank expressly created to meet the financial needs of 56 member central banks. Besides providing gold and facilitating FX transactions, they also hold central bank reserves.

Did you know that Forex Brokers must comply with the following laws?

If anything, regulation is primal, more so in trading. Now, you have chosen a reliable and trusted Forex broker like Altum FX, but do you know just how thorough compliance means to them? At any time, for example, a regulated broker must have enough funds to cover their clients' investments. Besides, there shouldn't be a case where the broker fails to honor their contractual obligations with the client. If they fail and the client reports to the regulator, their license will be revoked.

Understanding Divergences

If you jumped in straight to the deep end, you'll by now understand how price action of various currencies pans out. Trends are not in straight lines, even if their respective fundamentals are rock-solid. Momentum matters in trading. From momentum—the pace of price change—users can pick out divergences. Divergences print out when the price action of a currency and signals of the secondary indicator 'clash’.

Fun Statistics about Forex

There is plenty of talk in Forex circles around profits, regulations, and whatnot. But what are the numbers behind the space? What makes Forex trading so super attractive? Well, first, Forex is the undisputed king of liquidity. Liquidity measures the ease of converting an asset to cash. Since we are dealing with money, it explains why Forex is the most liquid. Converting USD to Euro, for example, is in mere seconds.

How Technology is transforming the sector

Circle back to the 1960s or the 1970s, the era before the internet. Foreign trading was esoteric, only accessible to banks and the wealthy. FX wasn't devolved and liberal as it is. Thanks to technology, Forex is creating millions of opportunities for traders across the world. Because of new technology, such as blockchain, for example, there is flexibility and more freedom.

The Pros and Cons of Trading Bots

Forex is different from other markets because of its liquidity and participation levels. Because of the number of available pairs, signals can be overwhelming for manual traders, especially in lower time frames. As such, more traders would prefer to deploy Forex Trading Robots. These 'bots' often automate trading decisions. However, they can be programmed to perform other functions, not just trading.

Why Refusing to be wrong is a Poor Trading Strategy in Forex

Trading the Forex market is a skill nurtured over time. Yes, one may opt to use the skill of other traders and copy trades. However, if you have the time and patience to be one of those expert traders, you should know early on to befriend the market. It means not 'refusing to be wrong’. A trader may deploy a refined risk management strategy—stop loss, take profit, trailing stops, and continuously improve a strategy.

How will you benefit from trading with a regulated broker?

Trading is fun. The joy of acing a trade is incomparable. While the market moves fast, it means numerous opportunities. While some traders make money, some would move money. Provided they have a risk management strategy in place, their losses would be limited.

The Pros of FX Trading

Forex trading is fun and is just like any other economic activity. Therefore, while one may find active trading favorable, another trader may encounter unfavorable characteristics forcing them to deploy a different strategy. One of the main attractions of Forex trading is its accessibility. A trader, regardless of experience, can begin trading in less than 30 minutes.

What is Copy Trading in Forex?

Here's one thing: Trading from platforms such as MT5 is popular because of the broad user base. There are hundreds of thousands of traders at any one point actively looking to make money from the fast-paced FX markets. Some are experienced, others intermediate, and most newbies.

Do you Know that the Forex Market is Decentralized?

Comes across as odd, for some, but the FX market is technically decentralized but its players are regulatory compliant. The decentralization is because of the nature of its operation. Unlike traditional bourses, FX is continuous, operating 24/5. Operations from different market participants--including global banks, jurisdictions and time zones ensure trade every day of the week, except, of course the weekend.

Here are the three main methods of Forex Trading

The beauty of Forex is its global nature. Influenced by various fundamentals, and it is simply not short of fun. Talking of fun, do you know that Forex trading can take various forms? One way to trade Forex is from the spot market, where currencies are exchanged in real-time as per the current exchange rates.

These are the Worlds Richest Forex Traders

Executed right, Forex trading can help one make an enormous fortune. It makes sense; Forex is, after all, the world's deepest market, transacting trillions every day. Clipping a small percentage is enough to break a bank account and promote a trader to a billionaire's category. George Soros, who broke the GBP in 1992, is living proof. His bet against the GBP and the Bank of England in Black Wednesday paid off, earning him a cool $1 billion.

Understanding the Fibonacci Indicator

Trading is ever-evolving, diverse, and dense with remarkably skilled market participants. Different strategies apply, with the bottom line being making money. If anything, traders would always want to be money printers. The bad news is that the market rewards the patient and the skilled.

Understanding a Carry Trade

Forex traders benefit from price fluctuations of different currencies. Each of these currencies is influenced by several fundamental events. What's more, every central bank implements a monetary policy that suits its interests. Accordingly, interest rates vary between countries in line with their central bank's objectives. A 'carry' trade is a strategy that extracts value from differences in interest rates.

What is the best indicator to trade Forex?

The Forex market is the most liquid and deepest. Over $5 trillion is traded every day, according to the Bank of International Settlement (BIS). Traders across the world, therefore, seek to exploit market inefficiencies every day and profit. A natural question in all their efforts, therefore, is: Which is the best indicator to trade Forex? There are fundamental and technical indicators. Both are useful.

The Relationship Between Leverage, Pips, and Lots

When trading Forex, traders encounter different terms and acronyms that they must fully understand to become successful. There are already over 180 currencies across the globe. When trading them, you'll notice that they are available as pairs. There are the major and exotic pairs.

Forex Trading is Not a Pyramid Scheme

If you ask yourself whether Forex trading is a pyramid scheme, the short answer to this will be No. And it is crystal clear to see why. The Forex market is the largest globally, where trillions of dollars are moved every day between corporations, countries, and even individuals. Therefore, the involvement of governments means the scene is legal. Again, it is important to distinguish forex scams and other fraudulent schemes from approved and regulated Forex trading.

What Drives the Forex Market?

Market forces! That might be the first answer. Obvious, right? But that's true. The thing is, any global financial market is gauged by the level of market participants. The Forex exchange market is the world's deepest because of the millions, even billions of traders every day, bidding and asking on a variety of currencies.

Best Practice for Beginners

The truth is, Forex and crypto trading is not a quick-rich scheme or gambling. Forex requires patience and tact. It may take months or years before one becomes a successful trader. The bottom line is that a beginner Forex—or even crypto trader—has to start somewhere and develop some best practices to remain profitable.

What is a Re-Quote in Forex Trading?

Without getting into details, Forex traders say Requotes are unfair. True. They are. All we can say is that some brokers do requotes. And it happens when the market maker (working for the broker) doesn't want—or is unable-- to execute the order on the price you entered.

What is a Japanese Candlestick in Forex Trading?

Unfortunately, stuff that seems obvious can be disastrously deceiving. History is littered with lessons of how assumptions ruined people's lives. And most traders jumping into Forex can sometimes skip basics. Like crisply understanding the Japanese candlestick. For technical analysts, a Japanese candlestick is the center of all their analysts.

What are Trading Bots?

Trading can, at times, be very intensive. Then it gets even more challenging for more would-be traders. Before you start making money consistently, they must make ends meet and therefore maintain their day job. For those who aren't working, staying glued on your trading the whole day while keeping track of various trading charts can be overwhelming.

Which is Better: Day Trading or Long-Term Trading?

Different traders employ various strategies to achieve a given goal. It's like a business—but some do it for fun…envious? Fact is, regardless of time frame or strategy, both day and long-term traders make and lose money. Some long-term traders will have sour grapes if they try to trade short-term. In contrast, day traders wouldn't have the patience in the weekly or monthly charts, inadvertently losing money in the process.

Why Money Supply is an Essential Metric for Forex Traders

The Forex market is the most liquid as it is global. From this characteristic, there are equally high influencing factors that can impact market volatility and Forex traders' trading strategies. One of them is the money supply. In a more straightforward definition, the money supply is the total amount of money circulating in an economy at a point in time—including those in checking and saving accounts.

What are Economic Indicators in Trading?

According to data from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the Forex market is the world's most liquid, transacting over $5 trillion daily. It is a global phenomenon, easily explaining why the Forex traders keep track of the so-called 'leading economic indicators’.

Why Inflation Counts

The past year has been exciting and more of a roller coaster ride for traders. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent interventions, there was a recalibration where previously critical economic data were relegated. At the same time, those considered flaccid took prominence, forcing traders to keep tabs.
Coronavirus mitigation is critical for the Forex Market

Forex Explained: Why Coronavirus Mitigation is Critical

Did you know that the Coronavirus pandemic shaved over $3.75 trillion from the global economy in 2020? 

Forex Tip: Employment and GDP Now More Important than Interest Rate Changes

Forex fundamentals are as fluid and liquid as the underlying market. This shift is perfectly reflected in the market status and how central banks are scrambling to intervene for normalcy.

Forex Explained: What is Bond Purchase Tapering?

Know your FX Lingo. What exactly is meant by the term, Tapering?

How to Trade the News

News trading is an important part of any forex trader. We've prepared this article to help you understand what's involved in trading the news, the common strategies applied and what to expect. 
What is Forex

What is forex, exactly?

Want to know exactly what is forex? Jump right on in and check out our article, What is forex, exactly? We'll cover well, what forex is, and the key points you should know before beginning your trading journey. 
Candlestick Chart

Candlestick charts and how to read them

So, you’ve just started your trading journey and you’ve been using the charts available to you on the AltumFx MT5. However, you’ve been hearing the term 'candlesticks' and you’re not sure what a candelabra has to do with trading... Fear not, we've prepared this article for you to explain everything. 
Relative Strength Index

Technical Analysis 101: Relative Strength Index RSI

Our second article in our Technical Analysis 101 series. We look at the popular Relative Strength Index (RSI) and how you can use it to identify buy and sell signals.
Moving Averages

Technical Analysis 101: Moving Averages

The first article in our Technical Analysis 101 series. We look at the different types of moving averages and how to start using them in your market analysis.
Candlestick Chart Patterns

Candlestick chart patterns and how to use them

We discussed in our previous article what candlesticks are and why they’re so important in trading. Today, we’ll be tackling what the top 5 candlestick charts patterns are and what you can do to benefit from them.
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